2 Hot 2 Handle


little litty emojis fleck a cyber-map

use 2 fingers to zoom in while still

maintaining a safe distance it’s devastating

just awful awful but u can keep scrolling

the screen it’s not hot ur fingers don’t sear

it’s not like u can smell burning hair and catch

hot ash on ur tongue like a biohazard

like a dystopian snowflake like

ur swallowing someone’s charred flesh

pulsing fingerprints intact still hovering

over hollow faces smeared poreless

when did we begin to accept an indiscernible horizon

as though emergency is no longer urgency

as though we’ve all embraced

some pentecostal death drive

and welcomed the apocalypse

︎Billy is a big art nerd currently undertaking a Bachelor's degree in Art Theory/Arts (Creative Writing & Gender Studies).
In their spare time, they enjoy listening to trap music and frolicking under waterfalls.︎

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