Letter From The Editing Team

This year has seemed keenly motivated in the production of writing fodder; whether it was the long introspective days of isolation, hotly disputed political struggles or that a fox now gets to spend more time on campus than we do. But from within this avalanche of confusion and instability, it can often be hard to know where to start. For this year’s UNSWeetened editing team, we wanted to start at the edges before trying to find the centre; investigating the intersections that weave the varied aspects of life into one ever shifting image.

UNSWeetened 2020 is a celebration of all those who have chosen to face this year with a return to the written word. A fraction of this formidable cohort has been published here, although we recognise all those who have used writing to connect with the world around them. We hope that in reading these works, you can also share this connection and find a sense of centre. 

- Sean

Aloha! This year faced some challenges from the editing s ide of things. I know I found myself editing in some strange places (the top of a mountain once) but we got the job done. I had tonnes of fun working over videocalls with contributors to collaborate on the pieces for this year. Working with this tight-knit team was the highlight of my year and I even though the hurdles seamed tall, we were thready for them. There were times where I was in stitches and times I felt a bit wool-brained but this Journal, in digital and print form, ties the year all together quite nicely. I am very thankful for the tapestry of experience I have gained and the support that all involved have provided. 

- Nina

Editing for UNSWeetened this year has been unreal, and I’ll be forever grateful that I was given this opportunity! I’m incredibly proud of our team and contributors, and I hope that they found the experience as rewarding as I did. I just want to say another thank you to our contributors for trusting us with their writing.
- Juliet

Editing this year's journal was, for me, a process full of excitement, fun, laughs and anxiety. I have truly loved being an editor for the UNSWeetened team this year. I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that submitted and congratulations to all the contributors, it was your unabashed willingness and involvement in the editing process that has not only made this experience so fulfilling for me, but also contributed to the success of this year’s journal. And of course a shout out to Chloe for being a fantastic coordinator and a final thank you to the whole UNSWeetened team, you are all amazing.    

- Sammy

The hope, persistence, talent, tenacity, valour, audacity, voracity, cheek, perspicacity, pride, prudence, lust, charity, clarity, zest, zeal, zing, surreal aspiration, unreal inspiration, too-real perspiration, assuredness, exuberance, and absolute charm that each of the contributors displayed by writing and submitting, this year of all years, to the UNSWeetened Journal astounds me. It has been a joy, honour, privilege... no, never mind, one list was enough. Your words reminded me of the pleasure of reading. It's been great. Thanks all x

- Russ

Amidst the insanity and confusion that is 2020, UNSWeetened has been the space of comfort and joy that I knew I could always turn
to—I hope this journal gives you the same solace and faith to persevere in times of uncertainty as it did me.

It has been a true privilege being a part of such a brilliant, kind, and supportive team of creatives, and it was an absolute honour to read and edit the beautiful stories by our amazing contributors. I had the most wonderful time working with each and every one of you and am forever thankful for this delightful experience and opportunity—this year couldn’t have been the same without you.