Por Por and I


From weekly dinners with sixteen people,
To separation by law, fear and language.

It’s a five minute drive.

Sunday morning,
Get in car and drive to Por Por’s1 place.
Stop and walk to the closed gate.
Crouch and pick up the plastic bag,
Weighted by blue tupperware and a bottle of jie soi2

I replace the bag with mum's cake in a takeaway box.
Goong Goong3 watches from inside.
Waves from inside.
I nod,
And I leave.

One bite,
And I'm back in Por Por's kitchen.

1 Grandma (婆婆)
2 Sugarcane water (蔗水) – the product of cutting down sugarcane, removing dead leaves, peeling the outer skin with a knife, scrubbing off the powder, boiling for three hours, and adding Chinese almonds, carrot and rock sugar.
3 Grandpa (公公)

︎Dylan is an artist-curator working on unceded Bidjigal and Gadigal lands. Speaking to personal experiences as an Asian-Australian, he holds a steady belief in the power of storytelling to engender empathy between people. Website: https://www.dillydg.com/ ︎