in a Moment
of Remembrance


It all came back,

When their eyes were met.

Raised eyebrows 

Pulled up four corners of the smiles,

And lives, again, aligned.


The tightening of the throats, 

The shaking of the heads,

And escaped some heavy sighs.  


The red threads of memories

Clawing up the yellowish whites,

The blurred vision peeled open the hearts,

Retrieving the most cherished times.


Blinking and blinking,

Could not stop the memories from stinging!

It still hurt when you pierce my soul,

With those same old fiery knives.


When the silence was just about to end,

She reached out her hands

To join him in the roaring tears,

And reunited with the same old friend. 

︎Shichan is an international literary art student who likes to write about what she feels and thinks in the moment,
mostly about the intricacies of human interactions and connections from what she observed or experienced.
A messy bilingual writer who uses weird grammar and words in both languages...︎

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